We are passionate about games.

Our team/advisors at Synaptic Delve are all lifelong gamers of one kind or another and have a variety of professional backgrounds.




Kevin Chick

Software Engineer and Director

Kevin has a background in software engineering, data analysis and business administration.

He started gaming on an Apple III at a very young age playing games such as Questron and the Wizardry series. In junior high he became involved with the local gaming club that introduced him to the tabletop RPGs Rifts and DnD 2nd Edition.

Kevin played MUDs quite alot during his youth and once the popular MMO Everquest was released in 1999 it solidified his love of online gaming. Since then he has been following the video game industry avidly.




Lori Chick

Chief Creative Officer

Lori is a traditional and digital artist, with experience in contract work for illustration, graphic arts, design and creative writing. Unsatisified with only a few medias, she's explored other mediums such as costume design and construction, theatrical prop production, metalworking and sculpting.

She was brought into gaming as a child with box set D&D, and has been hooked ever since.

She joined the online gaming community in the late 90s with Everquest and has followed most major titles in either assisting in testing or as a player for pure enjoyment.




Trevor Barnaby

IT Service Technician and Operational Support Specialist

Trevor has worked extensively as IT service and support for various companies.

Trevor has a tendency in tabletop RPGs to play characters that at times do not have the best moral judgement. In online gaming he is best know for training massive amounts of mobs to his allies across as vast a distance that a given game will allow.



Jan Christenson

Jan Christenson

Digital/Web Developer

Jan has over 20 years of application and web development experience, and has been a gamer since he first booted up a Commodore 64.



Leonard Madsen

Leonard Madsen

Sales and Marketing

Len has a background in sale, real estate and economic.

He loves playing characters with either a giant bloodline or dwarves in tabletop RPGs... he has been banned from playing anything that can rage uncontrollably around the party. Len has enjoyed playing various online games starting with the original Everquest.